The TGV’s 40th anniversary

France 2021

The TGV celebrated its 40th anniversary !

After six years of regular collaborations, Quai 36 accompanied the SNCF on the occasion of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the TGV by producing five urban art frescoes in five TGV Maintenance Technicentre.

The artists Agrume, Arnaud Liard, Limo, Ratur & Sckaro and Victoria Roussel expressed through their unique universe, a modern and lively tribute to the extraordinary maintenance facilities as well as to the commitment of the men and women who make the feat of high speed possible.

The singularities of the Technicentres were addressed, such as the work of artists Ratur & Sckaro, created for the Technicentre Est Européen in the heart of the city of Pantin, which recalls the TGV 4402 train that broke a speed record of 574.8 km/h in 2007 on the LGV line.

The partners

Photo: © Nicolas Blscak

Ratur & Sckaro's mural is visible along the Chemin Latéral au Chemin de Fer à Pantin.

The murals by Agrume, Arnaud Liard, Limo and Victoria Roussel are not visible to the general public.

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