Paris 13ème

Paris 2019

As part of the LIFE project, a 9500 m2 office building site in the 13th Parisian district, and in partnership with AG Real Estate, LaSalle, Les Nouveaux Constructeurs and the 13th district Town Hall, Quai 36 invited Sacha Schwarz to invest the real estate complex's construction site. Deeply attached to this Parisian district, where he lives and works, the painter became the obvious choice to embody this urban transformation project

In his studio, Sacha conceived and designed a hilly natural landscape in which wild birds and grazing animals live side by side. Realized in relief, this perspective work aims to offer an immersive and playful experience. This 75 m2 artwork is thus addressed to all generations.

The challenge of this artistic project consists in exhibiting to the local residents a fresco based on the theme of nature to accompany the construction period of the changing district. The "LIFE" project is naturally in line with Quai 36's desire to take part in the renewal of cities and thus introduce art into the heart of daily life.

The artist


The partner

The partners

Photo: © Cedric Pierre

This artwork was visible at 62/68 Rue Jeanne d'Arc in Paris.

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