New Way Residence

Aubervilliers 2022

In collaboration with Quai 36, OGIC entrusted Alice Wietzel with the task of adorning the construction site hoarding for the New Way real estate project in Aubervilliers, as part of the "1 building, 1 artwork" initiative.

"Intersections" was conceived as an invitation to discover the new residence through an illustrated journey, while also paying tribute to Danielle-Casanova Street, which once housed numerous artisans. With the diversity of characters depicted, OGIC highlights in this mural the significance of living together and intergenerational sharing, renewing its support for artistic creation in the public space.

"I envision this mural as an invitation extended to the local residents to explore the new residence through an illustrated journey. Casanova Street and its former artistic centers are rich in symbolic history that I wanted to honor by modernizing them, aiming to raise awareness among future generations about cultural and artistic diversity. Using a palette of soft and warm colors that convey a sense of well-being, the various age groups represent notions of sharing and cultural transmission, which serve as a fantastic source of artistic inspiration. With a strong appreciation for handicrafts, I aimed to highlight a variety of activities and artistic practices to make them accessible to all. This is how I invite my characters, dressed in contemporary attire, to explore craftsmanship, weaving, painting, and even sculpture under the watchful eye of the neighborhood's elder." - Alice Wietzel

The partner

Photo: Nicolas Blscak