The Shipyard Bridge

Versailles 2022

In Versailles, the massive and dark Shipyard Bridge is considered anxiety-inducing by pedestrians, cyclists, or motorists who venture beneath the structure. In collaboration with Aurélien Linz, Quai 36 has proposed a low-consumption lighting design for this Eiffel-type architectural marvel from 1930.

The project, named "Underline," is part of the Bap! 2022 (Biennale of Architecture and Landscape) and has succeeded in restoring the grandeur to a structure that Versailles residents once again gaze upon with admiration. "Underline," with its colors reflecting the four seasons, contributes to the well-being of the city by reviving a space whose architectural beauty had gone unnoticed by passersby.

"Each season is interpreted through gentle variations between two shades of the same color. Cyan for summer, aqua green for spring, reddish-orange for autumn, and pale violet for winter. The urban and metallic architecture of the bridge reveals itself and transforms into a poetic sky. Just as clouds can move, form, and dissipate, the colors transform, inviting the passerby into a moment of contemplation." - Aurélien Linz

The partner

This artwork is no longer visible at Versailles-Chantiers Station.

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