Gare de Versailles

Versailles 2018

As part of its construction program Signature, Nexity called upon Quai 36 to add some charm to the Versailles Chantiers station for the duration of the construction work.

In resonance with the historical heritage of the city, artists Waone (Ukraine) and Fikos (Greece) collaborated together for the first time to create never before seen works for those passing through the station. Placed at the center of the worksite, their creation offered a dreamlike journey whose cultural references are reminiscent of the time of the Sun King.

On a 300m² palisade, the artists reinterpreted historical references of illustrious figures of the 16th century such as the artist and engraver Theodore De Bry.

While Waone painstakingly painted scenes of life at Versailles with just a paintbrush, Fikos produced a tribute to the emblematic figures of the city. The two artists offered a rich, complete and poetic work of art.

The partner

Photo: © Thomas Siemieniec

This artwork was visible at Gare de Versailles Rive Gauche.

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