Saint Dizier Quai 36 Zoer Streetart Art Urbain

Révéler Saint-Dizier

Saint-Dizier 2021

The City of Saint-Dizier (Haute-Marne) has called on Quai 36 to create four monumental frescos in the heart of the town. The project, to be completed in October 2021, is part of the "Revealing Saint-Dizier" urban planning scheme. It honours and highlights the city's natural and built heritage, its vital forces, its projects and its initiatives through contemporary works of art.

By committing itself to the City of Saint-Dizier, Quai 36 remains faithful to its ambition to make art accessible to all. This artistic journey allows art to be placed at the heart of the city and to establish a dialogue with local residents.

"A place like any other"

The stroll through this art trail ends with a work by Matth Velvet on the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, a festive and central location for cultural events for the inhabitants of Saint-Dizier. The French artist wanted to work on "a festive scene with expressive faces, a warm and lively atmosphere while at the same time retaining an almost abstract dimension that reinforces the dynamism of the artistic ensemble". With this monumental and festive fresco, Matth Velvet also evokes the "belle époque".

"Flowers by the canal"

To create the fresco "Flowers by the canal", Mazza was inspired by the local flora: white snowberry, purple clover, alfalfa and Virginia creeper. The Brazilian artist considers the theme of biodiversity, taking into account the presence of hectares of forest and green spaces in the area, including the largest artificial lake in Europe, which is home to over 300 species of birds.


Onur celebrates the historic cast iron skills of Saint-Dizier through the work "Héritage". It creates a direct reference to the craftsmanship of the foundry workers and highlights the ingenuity of Hector Grimaud, a leading figure in French art nouveau. With an anamorphic effect, the Swiss artist gives a modern look to the ironwork and plays with the viewers' perception.


Zoer opens the art trail at the station exit with an interpretation of the theme of nature surrounding the city. The French artist was inspired by the richness of the natural territory of Saint-Dizier to inscribe flora in a mineral urban context. He brings softness and poetry to the heart of the city with an elegant and surprising work that amazes passers-by.


The partner

The partner

Saint Dizier Quai 36 Zoer Streetart Art Urbain
Saint Dizier Quai 36 Zoer Streetart Art Urbain
Saint Dizier Quai 36 Zoer Streetart Art Urbain
Saint Dizier Quai 36 Zoer Streetart Art Urbain

Photo: © Sylvain Vesco

Matth Velvet's artwork is visible at 11 Avenue Marius Cartier, Mazza's artwork is visible at 7 Avenue de Verdun, Onur's artwork is visible at 6 Rue Lamartine et Zoer's artwork is visible at Place Maréchal Leclerc in Saint-Dizier.

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