Paris 2021

The rental agency Ada and Quai 36 have called on the artist Camille Walala to personalise two cars which, for one year, will circulate in the Paris region, according to the users' rentals.

The graphic production of the work was carried out by Camille Walala from her studio in London. The artist's creations were then printed in France on stickers that follow the shape of the two vehicles.

"I'm a bit like a child : I cut out lots of shapes inspired by geometries from architecture.  Then I put it all together until I like the composition. I've never done a project on a car before. I'm very excited to see these creations circulate around Paris and bring a little joy." Camille Walala

The partner

Photo: © Matcha and Will Ferguson

The two WALALA CARS were available for rent with the Ada app at 3 Rue de Bretagne in Paris.

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