Exposition-Carte-Blanche-Yann-L'Outsider---Bannière - 2000

Yann L’Outsider Carte Blanche Exhibition

Romainville 2022

Hatchikian Gallery and Quai 36 are inaugurating a long-term partnership with an exhibition Carte Blanche à Yann L'Outsider, a series of exhibitions and events taking place from 5 February to 8 June 2022. This Carte Blanche à Yann L'Outsider exhibition offers a unique opportunity to discover the artist's work in its many forms.

To begin with, the first Tempo, from 5 February to 5 March, unfolds a score in which the artist explores, through a series of works on canvas, a metaphorical abstraction that plays with the idea of the world. This metaphorical abstraction plays with the effects of matter in black monochrome underlined by the projection of white paint and reveals a play of light and shadow that draws us into an irresistible mystery. A performance by the artist took place during the opening of this sequence on the façade of the Maison de production d'art Quai 36. It was a way of weaving a link between the wall and the canvas.

The second Tempo from 10 March to 16 April highlighted the typographic abstraction work of Yann L'Outsider.  His works on canvas were placed alongside his urban wanderings in search of typographic signs, wanderings that inspired a photographic alphabet book that the artist produced on Polaroid.

Finally, the third Tempo from 21 April to 8 June presents a more figurative dimension of Yann L'outsider's work inspired by choreography. Dance and the gestures of graffiti have in common the appropriation of space by the body in movement, a vibration whose sensations the artist seeks to transpose onto the canvas.

The event Carte Blanche à Yann L'Outsider is held in the recently inaugurated Quai 36 exhibition space in the cultural centre of the Fiminco Foundation in Romainville. Hatchikian Gallery and Quai 36 thus cross their views on the work of Yann L'Outsider, views carried by different prisms: Yann L'Outsider has collaborated on several occasions with Quai 36 projects (mural on the Magasin Libre industrial wasteland in Reims transformed into a cultural space, frescoes in the former Pierre Cardin Museum in Saint-Ouen and the Metamorphosis exhibition at the Fiminco Foundation's Chaufferie, inaugurating Quai 36's new location). Hatchikian Gallery counts Yann L'Outsider among its permanent artists, and honours his work in the studio, inscribing the work in an aesthetic research that asserts itself and sets itself apart without renouncing the spirit of the urban art of its origins.

Yann L'Outsider is at the origin of the meeting between these two partners, a meeting that has become obvious, opening a beautiful artistic story. This cross-fertilization resonates with the questioning of duality that runs through Yann L'Outsider's artistic career and whose creative vibrations this Carte Blanche proposes to discover.

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Exposition-Carte-Blanche-Yann-L'Outsider---Bannière - 2000
Exposition-Carte-Blanche-Yann-L'Outsider---Bannière - 2000
Exposition-Carte-Blanche-Yann-L'Outsider---Bannière - 2000
Exposition-Carte-Blanche-Yann-L'Outsider---Bannière - 2000

Photo: © Nicolas Blscak

This exhibition is currently taking place in Quai 36, at 43 Rue de la Commune de Paris in Romainville.

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