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Havana Club and Quai 36 joined forces to invite the artist Bebar in creating the new limited edition of the 3 year old Havana Club bottle.

Havana Club x Bebar x Quai 36

À l'occasion de la sortie de la nouvelle bouteille en édition limitée 3 ans d'âge Havana Club signée Bebarbarie, VICE France vous emmène dans les coulisses du projet.⤵️Laissez-vous guider par le talentueux #Bebar qui retrace pour vous son processus créatif, depuis La Havane jusqu'à Vitry-sur-Seine. Rendez-vous sur notre site pour plus d'informations sur notre collaboration ?? https://bit.ly/2ZtWC6r#streetart #art #cuba #inspiration #havanaclub #éditionlimitée #quai36

Publiée par Quai 36 sur Mercredi 15 juillet 2020

Announced in September 2019 during a performance in which Bebar created a 30m2 fresco, our collaboration with Havana Club is now taking shape with the release of the new limited edition of the 3 year old rum bottle, which universe is reminiscent of the Cuban imagination.

Following his trip to Havana, carried out for our collaboration, during which the artist discovered the artistic energy of the city and its actors, he imagined a universe where abstraction, graphics and the bright colors emblematic of his work are intertwined with the symbols of the island, such as the fortress and the statue La Giraldilla, both overlooking the city of Havana, the Mariposa, or the daiquiri, a cocktail made with rum originated from the island : a tribute to the traditional cuban expertise and contemporary culture of graffiti.

"On my return to Paris, I tried to squeeze out everything I had learned from my trip to Cuba, to synthesize this effervescence that was coming to life in my head, allowing me to focus my creation more on symbolism. I then based my sketches on the city's emblems, the old iconography of the city". Bebar

"Bebar's urban and colorful style was a perfect match for Havana Club ! His lively and colorful style was in symbiosis with the Cuban universe of the brand, creating a unique limited edition bottle, a true collector's item." Hugo Benkara, Quai 36.

The new limited edition is available in supermarkets in France.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.