Alex Chinneck

Often described as a magician, Alex Chinneck is above all a perfect director and an excellent technician. His installations disrupt urban architecture and seem to come straight from another planet. Whether he is peeling a strip of tar from a parking lot or turning over an electric pylon, his works are always spectacular and require the skills of a few civil engineers. A know-how and partners necessary to his creations, well Chinneck claims the double hat of project manager and artist.


Our creations with Alex Chinneck

Metamorphosis Exhibition

Metamorphosis Exhibition

Fikos, PichiAvo, Yann L'Outsider, Waone, Sébastien Preschoux, Alex Chinneck, Tomislav Topić, Mathieu Merlet Briand

This creation is
not visible anymore

Romainville 2021