Alex Pariss

The French artist Alex Pariss is an illustrator, graphic designer, and visual artist. His diverse influences and experience in graphic design lead him towards Optical and Kinetic Art. His mediums and supports vary, but they all confront the viewer's gaze with abstract or figurative illusions, compelling the eye to decipher the forms and question its perception.

The geometric framework within his creations offers multiple layers of interpretation. His play with black and white, occasionally sprinkled with vibrant colors, prioritizes dynamic forms over flat and harsh sensations. Intentionally minimal and contemporary, Alex Pariss develops a sharp, raw, and distinctive style.

Our creations with Alex Pariss

Babcock brownfield The Factory of Culture

Babcock brownfield The Factory of Culture

Blo, LX One, Nelio, Alex Pariss, Nikola Kori, Rero, Roberto Ciredz, Stoul

80 Rue Emile Zola, 93120 La Courneuve

La Courneuve 2022



Photo: Sylvain Vesco, Alex Pariss