Babcock brownfield The Factory of Culture

La Courneuve 2022

From summer 2022 to summer 2023, Quai 36 collaborates with Emerige, Compagnie de Phalsbourg, and the City of La Courneuve to offer the public an artistic and cultural program that previews the upcoming cultural and recreational hub known as "La Fabrique des Cultures" in La Courneuve.

In June 2022, an artistic pathway was established, starting right from the La Courneuve - Aubervilliers train station. This served as an initial invitation for people to head towards the Babcock brownfield site, symbolizing a new destination within the city.

Beyond the train station premises, an artistic ground pathway created by the French artist LX One provides an intuitive route for pedestrians. Upon entering the Babcock brownfield site, the artistic journey continues, beginning with a walk along some facades and then extending to the doors of the former factories. This transforms into an open-air collective exhibition.

Eight French and international artists contribute to this unique urban art stroll: Alex Pariss, Blo, LX One, Nelio, Nikola Kori, Rero, Roberto Ciredz, and Stoul.

The act of embellishing the doors of this legendary industrial cathedral is a nod to the forthcoming opening of the triple hall that will host the next phase of the program.

The partners

Photo: Sylvain Vesco

These artworks are still visible at the Babcock Brownfield.

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