Bordalo II Quai 36 Streetart Art Urbain

B0rdalo II

Bordalo II is part of a continuity and reinvention of the artistic heritage bequeathed by his grandfather: Real Bordalo.

After studying painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, he discovered sculpture and became interested in a variety of materials that gradually moved him away from painting.

Today, his work revolves around the materialistic character of our society, in which excessive production and consumption generate a continuous emission of waste, which is the cause of the massive destruction of our planet. 

Thus, Bordalo II has been working to exploit this waste as raw material in the construction of his small and large scale artworks, vehicles of a universal manifesto.

Our creations with B0rdalo II

Urban Week Paris La Défense Festival

Urban Week Paris La Défense Festival

Aheneah, B0rdalo II, Tomislav Topić, Saddo, Spok Brillor, Limo, Leona Rose, Loraine Motti, Oakoak, Levalet, Nairone

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Paris La Défense 2021



Retrato ao artista urbano português mais conhecido como Bordalo II, num armazém no Beato que usa como oficina, e onde terá a sua primeira grande exposição em Portugal de nome "Attero", e que será uma retrospectiva da sua carreira complementada por algumas pessoas novas.

Bordalo II Quai 36 Streetart Art Urbain

Bordalo II Quai 36 Streetart Art Urbain

Photo: Bordalo II, Sylvain Vesco et Nicolas Blscak