Iemza Magasin Libre Reims Quai 36


This self-taught artist from Reims went from an imperative, obstinate practice on the walls of wastelands to Parisian galleries.

Iemza lingers on the line this black and incisive line which marks from the start his graphic universe. From one painting to the next, he has fleshed out a dark retro-futurist mythology inspired by pop culture.

Fascinated by volume, perspective and architecture, Iemza feeds his art with an aesthetic reference inspired by science fiction cinema and prophetic manga, while referring to the large concrete architectural ensembles of the suburbs as much as to avant-garde constructions.

Fascinated by the city, Iemza observes a certain duality between the suffocating oppression and the limitless playground. This vision of urbanization is the prism through which he approaches, with accuracy, our contemporary anxieties with a dark, almost dystopic look.


Our creations with Iemza

Magasin Libre

Magasin Libre

Katre, Yann L'Outsider, Arnaud Liard, Caroline Dervaux, ONOFF Crew, Levalet, Quentin DMR, Victoria Roussel, Iemza

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Reims 2021



Photo: © Matcha