French artist Jaw, whose real name is Adrien Ladmiral, discovered graffiti in the 90s when the artistic scene was in full swing. Active member of the movement at the time, Jaw distinguished himself from his contemporaries by developing a unique style combining calligraphy, illustration, photo-realism, graphic design, and abstract compositions.

After studying visual communications in Marseille, he joined the Da Mental Vaporz crew, one of the best European crews which provided artists nowadays internationally recognized. After living in Berlin for a few years, Adrien recently developed a more intimate studio work, which feeds and advances his approach on walls.

Today, Jaw is moving away from the strict techniques of painting to experiment with more abstract tools and intuitive kinds of painting. Working towards a balance between emotion and spontaneity, the artist's canvases represents figurative scenes reflecting his personal interpretation of themes such as perception of reality, relationship to time and nature in modern societies and our human condition.

Our creations with Jaw


Photo: Adrien Ladmiral & Emmanuel Grange