Leona Rose

Young French artist, Leona Rose creates wild colorful jungles inhabited by animals strangely looking alike us (but with an extra touch of madness) ! Leona's inspirations are shamanic, bohemian and ethnic, drawing her inspiration from her own travels in Asia and Latin America.

Because art comforts and Leona's immense frescoes plunge us into the enchantment of a parallel world delighting children, her collaborations with NGOs such as Casa Guatemala, for hospitals or orphanages, are numerous.

Our creations with Leona Rose

Urban Week Paris La Défense Festival

Urban Week Paris La Défense Festival

Aheneah, B0rdalo II, Tomislav Topić, Saddo, Spok Brillor, Limo, Leona Rose, Loraine Motti, Oakoak, Levalet, Nairone

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Paris La Défense 2021



Photo: Leona Rose