Born in 1981, Stoul had already been making a name for herself with her signature cat figure paintings since her early twenties. Her art quickly developed from a figurative to a more geometric, very personal, semi-abstract style. Today she is recognized as a complete artist whose style is immediately recognizable.

But her devotion is not only limited to her art, Stoul is equally committed to causes dear to her heart like gender equality, the environment and other sociocultural actions.

Among her latest productions is a fresco located in Villars-Fontaine, part of the Street Art on the Roc festival, which took place in 2016, and a 34-meter high Totem painted on the CISP Maurice Ravel high-rise, located in the 12th district of Paris.

Our creations with Stoul

Babcock brownfield The Factory of Culture

Babcock brownfield The Factory of Culture

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