Telmo Miel Quai 36 Projet #1096 Bernard de Jussieu Versailles

Telmo Miel

A muralist duo and creator of images from the Netherlands, Telmo Miel is the contraction of Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann. They have worked together since their meeting at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2007. They officially become Telmo Miel in 2012.

Their murals are surrealistic and realistic. They contain a large amount of details and vibrant colors. Their styles have combined to the extent that they are able to perform several techniques in tandem, swap places and complete the work of each other. They often perform their pieces on monumental scale, creating huge paintings of architectural size on the facades of buildings.

Combining several elements into a single composition, they superimpose references to the human and animal world to create complex creatures and fantastic scenarios. With positivity, humor and a touch of romance, their work is striking and epic.

Our creations with Telmo Miel

Projet #1096

Projet #1096

Telmo Miel

8 Rue Jules Massenet, 78000 Versailles

Versailles 2019



Photo: Telmo Miel