Gare de Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis 2016

If you passed through the Charles Michel tunnel or the esplanade at the Saint-Denis Station in December 2016, you would have seen the fruits of a collaboration between Grems, Opéra, Taroe and the artist Tarek Benaoum, combining their diverse styles and techniques, as part of a partnership between SNCF Gares & Connexions.

While Opéra’s work contemplated commuter encounters and questioned how the flow of travelers impacted the line’s ability to function, Taroe focused on the time spent on the train. Once the painting met the wall, the artist’s ability to make the space his own, could clearly be seen, as well as his personal feelings. Meanwhile Grems created several pieces, which paid tribute to the art deco style of painting. Together they created a work of art that meshed together their different styles while creating lettering that was urban as a tribute to the city that welcomed them.

As for Tarek Benaoum, the artist also entered into a dialogue with his surface, the signage, and his surroundings and with his calligraphy brush he also paid respect to the cultures and the writings of the world. Tarek also included a passage from Jack Kerouac’s text, “On the Road”, to pay homage and also accompany the travelers or those just out for a stroll in the neighborhood.

The Saint Denis Station housed a number of paintings of varying sizes. This new exhibition format is a more urban but also welcoming way to share the art anchored in everyday life.

The partner

These artworks are still visible in the Tunnel Charles Michel and on the Place des Victimes du 17 Octobre 1961 in Saint-Denis.

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