Gare Saint-Lazare

Paris 2020

« Concrete Jungle »

For his new fresco in the heart of the Paris Saint-Lazare train station, 5th by the artist whom has been regularly investing it since 2016 as part of our collaboration with SNCF Gares & ConnexionsLevalet gave life to a tropical jungle under the concrete.

The artist depicts a sovereign nature regaining its rights in the middle of the concrete : represented in a fine work of perspective, its plants and creepers seem to escape from their support to spread throughout the station. His emblematic character, intrigued by this unexpected nature, tries to delicately tame and apprehend it, using only his fingertips. Levalet thus invites users in a contemplation of the expression of this vegetation and these animals which invited themselves into their daily journey.

By investing the used battery collector, the artist offers the users to take on more eco-friendly consumption habits, echoing the train station's long-lasting eco-responsible and environmentally committed approach.
"I like to call out to users and offer them an opportunity to get away from their journey. I have designed this fresco as an invitation to discover the jungle hidden under the concrete. Just like my character, I hope the travelers will be intrigued by this tropical nature taking back its rights". Levalet
Using acrylic paint on paper, the artist laid his artwork in his studio in Reims before coming to install and paste it in just a few hours on the station and its concrete pillar using glue.
The fresco "Concrete Jungle" is visible on a pilar on floor -2 (subway level) in the mall and facing Sephora.

The partner

Photo: © Cédric Pierre

This mural artwork is still visible inside Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris.

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