Porte de Pantin

Paris 2019

After the creation of two monumental frescoes (400 and 600 m2) on its Rungis platform, Sogaris wishes to accompany its new local logistics space work site, P4, with a temporary intervention. Quai 36 therefore called in Quentin DMR.

The French artist defines himself as a "photographer-plastician", two opposite words and yet coming together. He experiences, diverts and redirects the gaze. He questions the photographer's place in order to give us what he calls a deconstruction of the image.

In order to go along with the P4 urban transformation project and to humanize the construction site of this innovative project, Quentin DMR proposes a black and white artwork created using the collage technique. The artist started by taking in photo portraits of men and women who write the neighborhood and construction site daily history. Then, thanks to his deconstruction technique, he created segments of it that he finally put together, resulting in an almost living fresco.

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Photo: © Bonnie Lisbon

This artwork was visible at Porte de Pantin in Paris.

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