Residence Gardenia

Argenteuil 2022

"SWEETNESS" - Sébastien Preschoux

A poetic artwork unfolds to welcome the residents of Gardenia Residence, offered by Care Promotion in Argenteuil (Hauts de Seine).

"Sweetness," a unique mural that plays with the dynamics of abstract lines and the aesthetics of geometric forms, poetically transforms the entrance to the building into an elegant and sustainable environment.

Artist Sébastien Preschoux tirelessly experiments with increasingly intricate works, playing with lines and the broad spectrum of color or light. He perpetuates the almost childlike delight of surprise at each stage of the process, resulting in an outcome that is both playful and meticulous. For this project, he aimed to gently guide the resident back home or on a journey elsewhere. His graphic creation using circles: enveloping and reassuring geometric forms whose gradient creates a sense of tranquility.

The partner

The partner

Photo: © Julie Montel

This artwork is visible and accessible to the residents of Gardenia Residence at 28 Rue Danielle Casanova à Argenteuil.

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