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Agrume is a multidisciplinary artist with a singular poetry, who questions the relationship that man has with the living. He tries to place the human being in a more humble relationship with nature.
His work is mainly made of self-portraits, an image that does not embody his being as such, but rather a recurring character, a motif that characterizes his artistic style.
There is an ambivalence in his work, between the softness, the world of dreams, and what is anguish. Agrume's creative work is by definition a kind of projection of himself and his character, through which he uses lyrical language to evoke his own feelings.


Our creations with Agrume

Metro and RER stations

Metro and RER stations

Blo, Agrume, Pastel, Ratur, Tim Zdey, √črell, Chris Puddy


Ile-de-France 2022



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