The French artist Nelio has developed his skills throughout his travels, which have shaped him into a versatile visual artist, constantly seeking learning and experimentation.

His practice revolves around two main aspects: engaging with the public space through murals, spontaneous paintings, and installations, and working in his studio with paintings, drawings, collages, assemblages, and sculptures. His early style, characterized by typographic work and simplified figuration, gradually evolved into an abstract pictorial universe.

His geometric logic, stemming from his interests in science, graphic design, graffiti, and architecture, remains evident in most of his works. However, this system transforms as he encounters new contextual parameters, discoveries, and experiments.

His artistic approach primarily centers on a dynamic tension between opposing elements and concepts. Contradictions and doubts enrich his practice, just as the notions of wandering and detours are significant stages in his creative journey.

By delving into the transient nature inherent in outdoor paintings, he began to use the idea of destruction as a creative generator. This notably led him to experiment with the notion of the formless, parallel to his foundational works focused on form. Abstraction allows him to facilitate a dialogue between his diverse sources of inspiration, exploring the realm of possibilities between minimalism and expressionism.

Our creations with Nelio



Nelio, Zabala, Chazme

43 Rue de la Commune de Paris, 93230 Romainville

Romainville 2023


Babcock brownfield The Factory of Culture

Babcock brownfield The Factory of Culture

Blo, LX One, Nelio, Alex Pariss, Nikola Kori, Rero, Roberto Ciredz, Stoul

80 Rue Emile Zola, 93120 La Courneuve

La Courneuve 2022




Photo: Nelio