Romainville 2023

It's the early 2023 event for Quai 36 and Hatchikian Gallery: the two partners are renewing their artistic collaboration to present "Projections," a collective exhibition bringing together three artists whose work alternates between in situ mural creations and studio-based pictorial exploration: Nelio, Zabala, and Chazme.

The exhibition is held from January 12th to April 1st, 2023, at Espace Quai 36 within the Fondation Fiminco in Romainville, a new cultural hub in the bustling eastern part of Paris.

Audrey Hatchikian and Julie Frydman bring their curatorial perspectives together to stage an exhibition that highlights the resonance of the questions raised by these three artists. How do works in urban spaces and compositions on canvas in the studio interact in the creative drive and inspirations of Nelio, Zabala, and Chazme? How do these artists break down the boundaries of pictorial practices and the landscape of art to lead the viewer to new horizons?

Each, with their unique aesthetic, engages with the contemporary questioning of the place of humanity and human future in a disenchanted world where meaning seems to dissolve. Art carries an inexhaustible vitality: to create is a desire to make life possible.

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Photo: Julie Montel

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