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Spok Brillor

Born in Madrid where he lives, Spok is a Fine Arts graduate who has been developing his artistic universe for over 20 years. Spok discovered graffiti as a child in the early 90s and, with great perseverance, created his own style between 1994 and 2003, graffitiing walls and trains while representing the TBC crew.

Thanks to the constant evolution of his style and technique, Spok is highly regarded for his originality and authenticity in illustration or decoration, as a muralist and even in academic painting. Never reproducing murals or canvases, he mixes lettering with mechanical and robotic references, creating playful imaginary characters.

Spok is an intriguing artist who is interested in everything around him, while avoiding reality only to capture it and transform it into a better version. His work can be recognized by a fantastic background and a language tinged with humor that stands out from the rest. With a hyper-realistic technique and large formats, Spok manages to establish a dialogue with his viewers that leaves no one indifferent.


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Urban Week Paris La Défense Festival

Urban Week Paris La Défense Festival

Aheneah, B0rdalo II, Tomislav Topić, Saddo, Spok Brillor, Limo, Leona Rose, Loraine Motti, Oakoak, Levalet, Nairone

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Paris La Défense 2021



Photo: Spok Brillor et Nicolas Blscak