Pablo Zabala was born in 1994 in the Basque Country and currently resides in Getxo, Spain. His upbringing close to the sea and nature led him to establish a strong connection with his natural environment. He began his artistic journey with graffiti, which later became a fundamental process within his artistic discipline.

Over the years, his interest in painting and nature became intuitively intertwined. Through his art, he examines the relationship between humans and their natural surroundings.

For him, photography serves as a means to approach reality, but when it comes to painting, he is consistently guided by intuition. He employs complementary color palettes, predominantly favoring cool colors. The exploration of hues and fluidity holds great importance in his creative process, prompting him to work thoughtfully and deliberately.

His most significant projects are tied to his place of birth, Biscay, a province in Northern Spain with mining and industrial origins. Witnessing the transformation of this space has been a significant source of inspiration for his recent projects, where he delves into the relationship between space and time. This is evident in projects like GRIS on the Biscay Bridge, a historic monument and UNESCO heritage site, as well as his latest intervention in the Galerias Punta Begoña in Getxo.

He takes part in various international mural painting festivals such as Most Festival (Navarre) and Muralfest (Kosovo). He also leads self-managed artistic projects in Indonesia and the Canary Islands.

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Nelio, Zabala, Chazme

43 Rue de la Commune de Paris, 93230 Romainville

Romainville 2023



Photo: Julie Montel, Tere Ormazabal